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Spence Figure 32 Safety Valve

The model numbers listed below represent the most basic valve configuration. Please contact our office at 636.343.8525, or Toll Free at 1.800.875.8716 for any additional options such as lift levers, soft disc, bellows, and so on.

Since each safety valve is assembled, set and tested to your specifications it is always best to speak with one of our professional sales representatives for the most current availability.

Item Number Description Quantity
0032DCA 1/2 X D X 3/4 (SPENCE) 14
0032DDA 3/4 X D X 3/4 (SPENCE) 1
0032EDA 3/4 X E X 1 (SPENCE) 5
0032FEA 1 X F X 1.25 (SPENCE) 2
0032GFA 1.25 X G X 1.5 (SPENCE) 2
0032HGA 1.5 X H X 2 (SPENCE) 5
0032HHA 2 X H X 2 (SPENCE) 1
0032JHA 2 X J X 2.5 (SPENCE) 3